Attention Walkers!
  • School Schedule Change
    ****Please note a calendar change****

    February 18, 2019 will be a full day of school for students in all buildings.  Originally this was a planned off day.  Click here to read Mr. Wetters letter!

  • Walking schedule for this year will be:
     Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. beginning Monday, October 22 at the middle/high school.  Please enter through the main entrance in the front of the building.
  • Attention Substitute Teachers!
    If you have at least 90 hours from a 4 year university with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, you are eligible to Substitute Teach. Reese Public Schools hires all of their Substitute Teachers though PCMI. To Sign up, visit
  • Reese Rocket Instagram
    The High School will be launching our very own Instagram page featuring positive doings both in and outside of the classroom.  The high school staff is excited for the Semester two debut and wants to be sure to NOT INCLUDE any student who does not want to be pictured on the social media site.  Opt out forms are available in the high school office, or in the student information rack, or on-line at the Reese home page.
  • App for Skyward
    You can download an App for iPad, iPhone, or Android by clicking the link above on your mobile device (or go under your App Store and search for Skyward!).
  • Reese Schools provides FREE BREAKFAST TO EVERY STUDENT!

    Thank you Carol Schluckbier for your dedication and commitment to Reese Public Schools.  Mrs. Schluckbier is stepping down after 17 years of service on the Reese Board of Education.  


Annual Education Report
School Improvement Plan

Reese Public Schools is committed to a continual process of improvement throughout each building and across the district. School Improvement plans are reviewed, updated and submitted to the Michigan Department of Education annually.  All school improvement plans can be found under the district drop down box.




Mission Statement


Students First: Compassion, Commitment, and Community!

Belief Statements:

 We Believe:
•Students come first
•Each Student has strengths and the ability to achieve
•In  Positive and secure learning environments
•In a compassionate atmosphere that connects each student
•In fostering a responsible, respectful, and safe community.

We will provide an educational journey that inspires each individual to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.

*Click here to see the complete Strategic Plan Summary