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 Thank you to all our volunteers that organized and helped at Elementary Field Day!  Thank you to Mrs. Ross & Mrs. Deming for co-chairing!

Please see below left link to take our RES Parent/Guardian Survey 2015!  Sign the gold-colored half sheet (that was sent home with your student) and return for a special prize for your child.  Thank you for your time!

B4K Preschool-Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) & Kindergarten--

Sign up in our elementary office! 

If your son/daughter needs medication kept in school, it is required (State Law) that we have a signed release from your family doctor.  We cannot dispense any medication, including over-the-counter medication, cough drops, etc. without a doctor’s signature.



Students at Reese Elementary School are now keeping track of their math data on a large data wall by the gym.  The brightly painted graph represents grade level progress of Power Standard Progress Monitoring Quizzes for Grades K through 5.  Local artist, Beth Kaul painted the data wall and will update the x and y axis biweekly. After hearing positive comments from the Reese High School staff and students about the large data wall currently in their cafeteria, the staff of Reese Elementary was inspired to create a similar wall. Reese Public Schools is in its 3rd year of coaching from the Institute of Excellence in Education.  



The mission of the Reese Elementary School family is to provide a positive educational experience for all children. Working as a team, we achieve the greatest outcome by allowing for individual differences, building on strengths, developing self expression. This fosters independent learners and creative thinkers in a safe, caring, and progressive environment in which all children can learn. 

REESE = Responsible  

ROCKET = Respectful 

STARS = Safe

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Please contact me, Mrs. Kristine Krieger, Elementary Principal at or 868-4561 with any questions or concerns.  Our office staff: 

Mrs. Lori Fobear 

Mrs. Kara Agans  

Mrs. Melissa Spencer

Contact Reese Elementary Family Association (REFA) members at

Visitor/Volunteer Screening Forms--  It is part of the Safe Schools Legislation and it helps keep our students safe. EACH YEAR one form needs to be completed for every classroom visitor/volunteer/field trip chaperone.  See 2014-2015 copy to the left on "Family Information"! 

First bell:  7:50 A.M.  Second bell:  7:55 A.M.  School is dismissed at 3:10 P.M.

Grade 3 Awards:  Friday, May 29  8:30 A.M.

Grade 4 Awards:  Friday, May 29  10:00 A.M.

Grade 5 Awards & Graduation:  Friday, June 5  9:00 A.M.

B4K (GSRP) Graduation & Last Day:  Thursday, May 28

Last Day all students:  Friday, June 5

Did you take our RES 2015 Parent/Guardian Survey yet? The small prize for your child is a Smencil!

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Attendance is recorded daily. Call 989-868-4561 to report your child's absence before 9:00 A.M. (voicemail is available). 

Email notification is also welcome! (Click on email button above)

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