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About me....

I graduated from Fairview Area Schools in 1991. I then went on to SVSU and graduated from there in 1996 with a teaching certificate with a major in mathematics and a minor in psychology. I started teaching high school math here in Reese in the fall of 1997. My wife, Melissa, and I moved to Reese in 1999, and have since had two kids: Hunter was born in 2000 and Haleigh was born in 2003.

I coached girls varsity basketball with Mr. Gruber for four years and track with Mr. Jordan for six years, but gave both of them up in order to spend more time with my kids. I have been a class advisor for the classes of 2003, 2010, 2014 and now 2018, and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know these students outside of the classroom setting. I love to golf, snowmobile and fish, as well as spend time with my family in my spare time!

Over the years, I have done many different things. I held the title of Dean of Students for five years. It was a great change of pace! It gave me the opportunity to see a different side of education as I helped out with things like scheduling, scholarships, college applications, dual enrollment, and state testing. I have taught a semester long Psychology course for two years, and I started a Middle School Robotics class/team in the 2015-16 school year!

Which brings us to today. I am still teaching Geometry and Middle School Robotics, but now I am teaching a senior math class called Financial Math as well. And my latest challenge: High School Robotics! Just like with the Middle School Robotics class, I have no idea what I am getting into, but it is a journey that the students and I will figure out together!

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Introduction, Signature, & email Address Letter Kevin Seeger9/5/2016
General Classroom PoliciesKevin Seeger9/5/2016
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Please feel free to contact me whenever you have a question or a concern.

I am available at school at 868-4191 during the following times:

Before School: 7:20-7:55

Conference Hour & After School: 2:00-4:30 (usually)

You can also contact me via email: kseeger@reese.k12.mi.us

If you cannot reach me during any of the above times, you can call me at home at 868-9484.

I figure you can look my number up in the book, so I will save you the trouble!

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Week of 1.23.17Kevin Seeger1/24/2017
Week of 1.30.17Kevin Seeger1/30/2017
Week of 2.6.17Kevin Seeger2/2/2017
Week of 2.13.17Kevin Seeger2/10/2017
Week of 2.20.17Kevin Seeger2/16/2017
Week of 2.27.17Kevin Seeger2/23/2017
Week of 3.6.17Kevin Seeger3/7/2017
Week of 3.13.17Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Week of 3.20.17Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Week of 4.3.17Kevin Seeger3/23/2017
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Geometry SyllabusKevin Seeger9/5/2016
Section 2.6Kevin Seeger1/24/2017
Section 2.7Kevin Seeger1/24/2017
Section 2.8Kevin Seeger1/24/2017
Section 2.9Kevin Seeger1/24/2017
Section 2.10Kevin Seeger1/24/2017
Section 2.11Kevin Seeger1/24/2017
Section 2.12Kevin Seeger2/2/2017
Section 2.13Kevin Seeger2/2/2017
Section 2.14Kevin Seeger2/2/2017
Section 2.15Kevin Seeger2/10/2017
Section 2.16Kevin Seeger2/10/2017
Section 2.17Kevin Seeger2/10/2017
Section 2.18Kevin Seeger2/10/2017
Section 2.19Kevin Seeger2/10/2017
Section 2.20Kevin Seeger2/10/2017
Section 2.21Kevin Seeger2/23/2017
Section 2.22Kevin Seeger2/23/2017
Section 2.23Kevin Seeger2/23/2017
Section 2.24Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.25Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.26Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.27Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.28Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.29Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.30Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.31Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.32Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.33Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
Section 2.34Kevin Seeger3/16/2017
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Module 1Kevin Seeger9/28/2016
Module 2Kevin Seeger9/28/2016
Module 3Kevin Seeger9/28/2016
Module 4Kevin Seeger9/28/2016
Module 5Kevin Seeger9/28/2016
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Financial Math SyllabusKevin Seeger1/12/2017
Exam InfoKevin Seeger1/12/2017
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High School FRC Robotics SyllabusKevin Seeger9/5/2016
Middle School Robotics Minimize
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Middle School FTC Robotics SyllabusKevin Seeger9/5/2016
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